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Raleigh Office
3009 New Bern Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27610
Office: 919-232-5020
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North Raleigh Office
10010 Falls of Neuse Road, Suite 11
Raleigh, NC 27614
Office: 919-714-6184
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Brier Creek Office
8001 T.W. Alexander Drive, Suite 224
Raleigh NC 27617
Office: 919-714-7152
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Cary Office
212 Ashville Avenue, Suite 30
Cary, NC 27518
Office: 919-235-0616
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Garner Office
400 US Highway 70 East, Suite 100
Garner, NC 27529
Office: 919-882-7833
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Jonathan D. Chappell, MD Gurvinder S. Deol, MD Sarat Ganga, MD
Curtis A. Hanson, MD Timothy E. Harris, MD Robert G. Howard, MD
Casey D. Jenkins, MD Okechukwu E. Nwoko, MD Conor M. Regan, MD
Alan Summers, MD Corey A. Thompson, MD Mark L. Wood, MD

Our bodies are made up of hundreds of bones, muscles and joints-and when we break something or just plain hurt, it's time to head to the highly skilled orthopaedic doctors and orthopaedic surgeons at Wake Orthopaedics.  We use the most advanced technology to treat you, whether your injuries are severe or minor. Some services include treating sports injuries, athroscopic surgery, joint replacement surgery, fracture care and reconstruction, peripheral nerve surgery (i.e., carpal tunnel release), and occupational hand therapy and physical therapy.

What is Orthopaedics?
Orthopaedics, also often spelled orthopedics, is a branch of medicine that focuses on the musculoskeletal system (bones and joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage). Physicians who specialize in orthopaedics treat broken bones, spine and joint injuries, deformities like scoliosis, joint problems like arthritis, and degenerative conditions like osteoporosis. They also treat sports injuries, infections, congenital conditions, and tumors in the bones.

Training and Education
An orthopedic surgeon is a medical doctor with about 13 years of education (including eight years of undergraduate and medical school, and another five years of residency) in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Some orthopaedic surgeons practice general orthopedics, while others specialize in areas such as the hip, shoulder, knee, hand/wrist area, and foot/ankle area. Some orthopaedics doctors may also focus on certain populations, such as pediatrics or trauma (accidents at work, home or on the road that damage your muscles and bones).

Why do people see Orthopaedic Doctors?
The most common reason is for a broken bone. Orthopaedic doctors also routinely provide arthritis treatment and pain management, and treat rotator cuff (shoulder) injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome, which affects the hand and wrist when people use repetitive motions in their work (such as typing or assembly line work).

To give you an idea of the wide range of procedures that orthopaedic surgeons perform, these are some of the more common procedures:

  • Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
  • Knee or Hip Replacement, including anterior total hip replacement surgery
  • Arthroplasty
  • Hand Surgery
  • Ganglion Cyst Removal
  • Tendon and Fracture Repair
  • Disk Removal
  • Scoliosis Reconstructive Surgery
  • Carpal Tunnel Release
  • Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusion

What is Arthroscopic Surgery?
One of the most common procedures performed today is arthroscopic surgery. Orthopaedic surgeons can visualize, diagnose and treat joint problems with the use of tiny surgical instruments and cameras. After making the incision, the surgeon inserts an arthoscope, which is an instrument containing a fiber optic light source and small television camera. By viewing the joint on a television monitor, the surgeon is able to more readily diagnose the problem, determine the extent of injury, and make any necessary repairs.  A typical repair using arthroscopic surgery is ACL reconstruction. This is a surgical procedure that repairs a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), one of the four ligaments that help stabilize the knee.

Not all orthopaedics-related injuries require surgery. Some can be treated with hand therapy or physical therapy. Whatever your condition-whether urgent or gradual, an accident or something you are born with-the orthopaedic doctors at Wake Orthopaedics will work as your partners to keep your bones and muscles healthy, strong and in good working condition!


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